SnapChum an account manager for Instagram and Pinterest


Screenshot_2015-11-21-11-58-15If you use Instagram and Pinterest for your personal use or for promoting products and stuff you probably need to manage your accounts to keep track your followers, to make everything you possible could do to gain more followers. This mean that you have to manage your account.

SnapChum for Android is a new app that help you do this easily. One interesting feature is that you can see your non followers (that users who you follow but they dont follow you back).

Another nice feature is that you can have your Pinterest and Instagram account managed on one app and you can login to any number of accounts you may have.

SnapChum is at alpha development stage so you will find some small errors. They will fix them as the version close to 1.0, until then just wait and report to them any errors you will find them.

If there is a con on this app is that is starting with an full page add. But is free. At install you are asked to accept the “in app purchase” permission however I did not find in this app something to purchase. Maybe in the next version will be something.

You can download this app from the official Google Play page:
Get it on Google Play

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