Star Trek folding piano keyboard is not real and … cheap


If you had seen Star Trek series the New Generation version with captain Picard probably you remember the folding piano, the one that had played the Commander Daren in episode Lessons (ep 19 season 6 – If you need a hint to remember check next video.

How I did said in the title that piano is not a SCI-FI fantasy anymore. Is available in real world for you to buy. One thing is that it do not sound as good as the one from the movie.

The piano is good enough for someone who start learning to play for kids and probably for practice when a real piano or a sound synthesizer is not available.  The folding piano keyboard from above video can be found at a price of 50 US dollars here.


Android 4.0 port for Raspberry Pi, want one now?


Was not long the time we can order the Raspberry Pi without the wainting list. Some use it for projects some for fun but it came with linux and linux is not for everyone when it come to install some new apps.

Now you can make with 35$ the Android mini computer you want or maybe to transform your old TV in a SmartTv with Android apps, youtube, internet browsing, and more.

Check this

Cheap Arduino Kit


What is an Arduino?

It is a small board with atmel microcontrolers ready for small electronics projects.

Arduino Uno R3

  • Arduino UNO R3 board
  • Announced December 2nd, 2011
  • Includes new pin configuration (SCL, SDA, IOREF)
  • ATmega328P
  • Original board made in Italy
Buy from here at the price of  24.00 $

Adruino UNO

  • 16MHz ATmega 328
  • Official board made in Italy

Buy from here at the price of  18.49 $




Check the Arduino Uno Rev 3 Starter Kit with only 36 US dollars

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