KingRoot – How to Root Your Android Device With One Click Root


Screenshot_2016-07-06-15-07-41If you need a way to root your Android device for any reason like gaining more control or to be able to uninstall factory bloatware or maybe to add a new custom ROM, you have to root your device and KingRoot is one app you must try.

From the official website you can read:

“The Best One Click Android Root Tool For ALL Android Devices

Quantity of Supported Models 104136″
Well I do not know if all that number is correct but from 3 devices I have on my desk for app testing one Samsung, one Motorola and one unknown Chinese brand Doogee the Samsung and Motorola root was made with one simple tap and only the Chinese phone failed.
After this experience I have to say that root is easy and you KingRoot.

What you have to know is that Root apps are not allowed on Google Play so if you want to download and use KingRoot you have to download it from the official webpage of check the link How to Root Android
Screenshot_2016-07-06-15-05-55When you install the app you will encounter an alert: “Installation Blocked”
It is ok do not worry. Google and other Smartphone brands do not like the power of root so all you need to do it to click “more detailed”
and once again click “Install anyway”
After the installation open KingRoot app and your device should be recognized. Click the button to root and if is successful enjoy your Root.
Easy, no PC and adb commands to know …

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