Get your fuel deal with 7-Eleven Fuel app for Australia


4If you have a car you know that you can save big money on gas if you get a fuel station deal. But not always is easy to find a deal and if you are not connected to some data feed on your smartphone or laptop you have to drive from station to station resulting in not saving at all any money.

7-Eleven Fuel Android app collect all information you need from best price for fuel to 7-Eleven affiliated Fuel Stations around you location. It show you everything on your smartphone screen and even let you reserve fuel at that price witch is available for 7 days.

What is probably the best feature of this service is that you can get the fuel not only to that station with the lowest price but on any 7-Eleven fuel station across Australia.

How is working:

  • when you open your 7-Eleven Android app you select the fuel type you need. You have a selection of 6 fuel types.
  • press “Find best local price” and a map with location near you are visible on the screen
  • now if you want to reserve fuel for that price you need to register
  • after registration you can reserve only the fuel amount you can by with the money you already have in your 7-Eleven Card
  • go to any 7-Eleven station in the next 7 days and use the card to get your fuel.


7-Eleven Fuel app can be downloaded from Google Play for free:
Get it on Google Play

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