Neckset – hold your phone with no hands


Neckset is a new project on Indiegogo who want to help you to free your hands but in the same time to let you use your smartphone. Neckset is a smartphone holder who you attach on your neck and from the holder a adjustable arm will hold your phone at the desired distance from your face.

Check out the campaign video and … donate some money if you like it. The Neckset Indiegogo campaign can be found at  this link:

Samsung Glasses potential design and patent leak


We all know that Samsung have the intention to build his version of Google Glasses, and now a potential patent was revealed in a Korean filing.

Please check the images bellow for the design.

From images we can see that there is a monocular display, a potential camera but how Slashgear mention in article it can be just a ambiental light sensor.  Continue reading