Wicked Lasers make STAR WARS LaserSaber real … get yours now


Wicked Lasers company make for some time super pointer laser with very high output power capable for melting plastics or burn matches or cloth.

The new Product from Wicked Lasers is super great for STAR WARS fans and for every one witch want a super LASER and a LaserSaber in the same time.

What it is?

As you can see in the presentation movie bellow it is a 1W output green laser and a mount from plastic witch some “magnetic” properties witch make the laser grow like in the movie when the fighters turn on a saber.

The total cost of this is olmost 400 US dolars and is made from 2 separate pices:

  • The Spyder 3 laser pointer with 1W output power of green laser – 299 US Dolars
  • and the “LaserSaber”  mount witch cost 99 US Dolars
The laser pointer is so powerful that it burn matches in an instant, melt plastics and burn wood and be careful it burn your skin.
You can buy your here: http://zfer.us/5GkE9