6 Credit Card Size Multifunctional tools


This blog started as a tech related gadgets news / review place, and short after with Android app reviews but gadgets came in all sort of sizes and uses. I like to be always prepared and I always have with me a multifunctional tool.

Next I want to show you 6 gadgets credit card size (easy to keep them in your wallet) who have from Bottle and Can opener to knifes, Scissors, Screwdriver and even Toothpicks.


1. Wallet Ninja

This multifunctional tool have no more then 18 embedded tools and all in a credit card size format. It is great to have it in your wallet when you go on camping or just as a helper for every day you are away from home and your normal tools.

Wallet Ninja contains:

  • 6 hex head nuts & bolts with various sizes (#2, #4, #6, #8, #10, & #12)
  • 4 Screwdrivers ( Phillips, flat head, eye glass)
  • Bottle, Can & Letter opener
  • Box cutter
  • Inch & cm ruler
  • cell phone stand
  • peeler

Price: 1.71 Euro or 1.85 US Dollars, get your tool from here Continue reading