Samsung Glasses potential design and patent leak


We all know that Samsung have the intention to build his version of Google Glasses, and now a potential patent was revealed in a Korean filing.

Please check the images bellow for the design.

From images we can see that there is a monocular display, a potential camera but how Slashgear mention in article it can be just a ambiental light sensor.  Continue reading

Turn your smartphone into a whiteboard with MultiSketch for Android


One app I did not think to be posibile just with an Android Smartphone.

What is MultiSketch?

MultiSketch is an Android free app you can download it from Google Play and witch is let you draw something on the smartphone display. Nothing extraordinary so far.

However if you look at the first screenshot you will see a URL. If you point your browser at that URL you will see the screen of your phone and you can see in real time what you draw or write .

So what is so interesting on this app? Continue reading

GALAXY Note it is a tablet? a phone or a … hybrid?


To big to be a phone but … now phones are getting bigger and bigger. To small to ba a tablet but … there are alot of tablets with a displat of 5 inch. iPad is to big for having it in a poket and way to big to go outside and take some pictures (oh there is iPhone,  but … iPhone is to small “3.2 inch”).

Samsung Galaxy Note is a bit of everythink, it is a notebook (I didnt mean it is a Laptop) but a notebook where you can get your pen and write, stuff, and cut images from pictures already taken. It is a media hub (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) It is a photo camera with a screen bigger to see detailes in the ocasional pictures you do with it and is a bussiness tool.

Great to check notes, excel files or presentations in the aeroport where without to get a tablet or a laptop out from it is carring case.

Did you considered to buy one? Why?

You have one? What is not so great on this device?

Amazon price for Samsung Galaxy Note: 655$ for a unlocked one. Check here last price.