Samsung Galalxy S3 in all of his splendor


The moment arrived. The Samsung Galaxy S3 have arrived and it look great. And have some interesting features too.

  • It does have wireless charghing
  • It do not have a 12 MP camera but a 8 MP with 0 (zero) shutter lag witch is great
  • It has a 4.8 inch screen size but not very big compared with sgs2.

Watch the pictures bellow:

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Samsung Galaxy S3 rumored to have a qaud core Exynos 5250 processor


Some roumors from an “Samsung official” tell that the new Galaxy S3 will have a Quad – Core processor. Ok that is not new, and it is a must. The same person sad that the new processor will be an Samsung Exynos 5250 witch will integrate and  Cortex A-15  processor at 2 Ghz. The same processor have integrate 4 graphics cores GPU ARM Mali T-604 MP4.

Sound Good?