Feverr 5$ job: Generate a valid (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask) sitemap for your website


feverr-sitemap-jobDo you need a valid sitemap made for your website? Ok no problem there are a ton of free services witch can do this for you free. And then way do I need to give 5$ in order to make one? Well any free service have some limitations like 100 links indexed.

Usualy a simple blog website have links for articles, pages and categories and tags and … Usualy a 50 aarticle blog or website have more then 100 links so you do not want to risk to hide some parts of your website from Google or other search engine.

A free alternative for WordPress users witch have a host for the blog is :

Google sitemap plugin

This free plugin generate a complete sitemap and it ping Google to start index the links from there. You do not have do do anything just to write posts. On each post publish it will rebuild the sitemap.

What about other websites. If you do not have an embedded tool to generate a sitemap for your custom site then a spider has to crawl every page and link and build a sitemap for you.

This is the job made on Feverr site for just 5 $.  Is this worth?

You can check and tell for yourself. Find more informations here .