How iPhone 5 or The New iPhone will look like ?


Do you ask yourself how the next iPhone will lool like? On Engadget appear some pictures of a front panel of the new iPhone and a picture with camera component.

The size of the display was tiped as 3.95 inch and will be powered by A5X chip.

This device will have to be more or at least the same as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X.

And the camera Component. No much data can be obtained from this.


Samsung Galaxy S3 revealed on 30.03.2012 ?


Engadget write in an article that UK retailer Phone4U and Samsung will reveal “something” on the 30 march.


We dont know and  Engadget do not know either. But becouse a picture on a Phone4U shop show the message: “Coming 30.03.12” and a Samsung logo is at the top we could presume that is a Samsung Galaxy S3 presentation. There is one more hint. The picture was taken at the same location where the retailer lounched the Galaxy Nexus.

Source: Engadget

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