ARDUINO 37 Sensors Modules Kit


Great stuff for Arduino. Sensors to play in your projects. A simple arduino is not buch if you can not controll or sense the world around so the sensors are your eyes, ears, nose etc, etc.

Looking for some sensors this morning I had found a Sensors Kit with 37 different sensors under 80 dolars. Great price because I do not know where you can find a sensor for 2 dolars.

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NetDuino starter Kit

Netduino starter kit


Last post I was show something cool if you like electronics like me and like building gadgets and not just buy them. It was the Netduino, an arduino witch had support hardware and software for Network. (It is not easy to implement a network controller in your project if you are not a novice you know what I mean.)

If you want to play with the Netduino before implementing in something useful you can get this Netduino starter kit and start playing with it.

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Netduino Plus an Arduino with network unsing .NET Micro Framework



NetDuino it is an Arduino with Network support using the .NET Micro Framework

It contain:

  • Netduino Plus is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework.
  • Netduino Plus offers 20 GPIOs combined with SPI, I2C, 2 UARTs (1 RTS/CTS), 4 PWM channels and 6 ADC channels. Plus MicroSD storage and Ethernet IP networking.
  • .NET Micro Framework combines the ease of high-level coding and the raw features of microcontrollers.
  • 3rd-party accessories offer pre-built functionality like GPS location, servo control and battery power.
  • Design files and source code are included. MicroUSB cable included for a limited time.

You can find this at the 49.95 dolars on Amazon, check it here.

Cheap Arduino Kit


What is an Arduino?

It is a small board with atmel microcontrolers ready for small electronics projects.

Arduino Uno R3

  • Arduino UNO R3 board
  • Announced December 2nd, 2011
  • Includes new pin configuration (SCL, SDA, IOREF)
  • ATmega328P
  • Original board made in Italy
Buy from here at the price of  24.00 $

Adruino UNO

  • 16MHz ATmega 328
  • Official board made in Italy

Buy from here at the price of  18.49 $




Check the Arduino Uno Rev 3 Starter Kit with only 36 US dollars

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