iPhone 5 vs Samsung SG3 drop test


Older iPhone had failed this tests every time becouse glass and week case did not protect the phone. Now with iPhone 5 this is changed, the phone is more stronger and will not break as easy as the oldest versions.

Watch the drop test and the video comparation with its competitor samsung Galaxy S3.

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Australian iPad3 users get all money back


Apple made a commercial special for Australia and one of the main features of the iPad 3 (the 4G connectivity) was praised.

There is a problem. Australia mobile phone providers do not have 4G. And the 4G feature of the iPad 3 can not be used there. So The Apple was forced by the law to get the money back for every buyer who purcesed the iPad 3 becouse of the 4G connectivity speed.

Ok you can go and ask for your money back even if you do not like the new iPad but … remember to tel the buys form Apple Store that you buy ut becouse of 4G. 😛