“Color Matching Challenge” game for android


Another simple, fun and addictive game for Android is “Color Matching Challenge”.
This game is simple to play, you have a colored platform with different colors on the screen bottom.

From top different shapes with random color but with colors from your platform fall down.
What you have to do is to rotate bottom platform and catch falling shapes with the corresponding color. To ratate you have to tap screen left / right .

Simple ?
Well at first 2, 3 levels yes this game is easy, however after more levels shapes fall with great speed and you have to be better and better.

So … Are you ready for a challenge? A Color Matching Challenge …


  • easy to play and understand
  • free
  • addictive
  • after each level you get a full screen ad

Download this game for free from Google Play
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Balls for Android – a nice game for kids


Today browsing the Google Play for a new review I did stumble on this child game named “Balls“. So what is all about with this game.


You start with a empty screen, and when you tap the screen a ball is created, as long as you hold the screen the ball keeps growing. You need to make the ball as big as you can in order to fill more a half of the screen and win a level. To win a level you have a limited number of balls – or how the developer name them “life”.

This is easy, so what is the catch you probably ask. Well the game have some tricks that make it a litter harder to win on each new level. Continue reading

Gerard Scooter game for Android or … fun on 2 wheels


gerard_scooterIn this morning (when I write this article) I did receive a request for a review. Most of the requested reviews are not for very good apps and I end to not even publish anything about it. But sometimes I find that the App is great and fun like this one.

Gerard Scooter is an Android game. Is something like Mario game but with a french guy on a scooter. If this is not enough the scooter and the french guy run on wine bottles with the help of the TMAX 500 carburetor and it run from the France tax agents. (Is this a hint about how much are taxes in France?)

Back to the game review. In his running Gerard head to another country with lower taxes but the road have alot of hills and valleys witch make game more interesting.

Help Gerard go as fast as you can and collect wine bottles. Take very care to him not to fall from the scooter and and in the process make fantastic stunts. Collect the upgrades left on the road witch make you go faster. And … help him go as far as you can.

“You get a nice rebate for Gerard’s taxes if you reach the 9500 meters.”

The App author “Studio 3wg” tested this app on Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 7 and Meizu MX 4 (chinese quad core phone).

In the review process I did test it on a HTC One S and played about an hour, until the finaly had the will to move to the computer and write this review. I did not experienced any lags or something like that and this game is realy fun to play. However the app author mention in the game description that a simple app restart will solve the lags on most of the phones.

Now end with the talkings lets watch the movie with the Gerard Scooter gameplay. Continue reading