Cloudike for Android a cloud file service for your company clients


cloudike-file-previewI had the chance to test a demo account on the Cloudike Android App witch is a service much like Dropbox or Box.

Basically this app let you as a user access your personal account where you can have from Office files to pictures or movies. The interface is simple to use as you can see from the attached images and will let you access and share your files or preview them on your Android powered smartphone or tablet.

Now I did mentioned above that it was a demo account. The app published is not intended to be used in that form by the end user but to be a demo for a company witch want to offer to users a service like the one described above.

If you are a company CEO or you have the task to implement a cloud file sharing service for your company clients or employers request an account on the email: Continue reading

AutoSafe Drinking Android App


Need a BAC (Bload Alcohol Calculator) Calculator?

A new simple to use app for Android is availble since last week. I had it almost from the begining (when I did installed it it had just 5 downloads).

After instalation a screen redurect the user to the Settings window where you can add your profile. Name, weight, height, gender and your body methabolism.

Now body Methabolism is something that doctors know how to calculate but here there is a simple list witch make this selection very easy.

Settings can be altered any time from the top menu – settings options. On the main screen with red the current BAC calculated is displayed and below of that time until the BAC go to 0.0%

Drinks are added by selection the hour of the drink , glass size and percent of alcohol of the drink. There is no need to use phone keyboard becouse all of this is done using the select boxes or swipes.

You can find this app on Google Play at this linkĀ