Macworld 1 year renewal for 19.97 US Dollars


Fan of MacWorld magazine? Ok then this is for you.

Amazon have I Year Auto renewal for MacWorld for just 19.97 US Dollars, the full price would be 83 US dollars other ways. So you save 63.91 US Dollars for 12 issues / 12 months on your favorite High-Teck magazine.

Need To know !!!

If you are already a subscriber sse the same name and address as your current subscription and it will be extended by 12 issues.

Check this offer here.

The Book: “Are You Smart Enough to Work for Google?” is on Amazon


How many of you want to work on Google. If you are a programmer or a engineer this is a dream. Ok so the urban miths say that there are some trick questions on the interview and for some of us the answer is … well far of us.

A new book was lounch these days named “Are You Smart Enough to Work for Google?” and this book promise to help anyone to think as a Google HR.

The book is available on Amazon and you can check for yourself. If you want to go to work for Google it not hurt to chis.