Sell or Buy things or online services with DOGECOIN


Stuffcoin - a DOGECOIN marketplaceWell DOGECOIN is not Bitcoin, is started as a joke but it became the third most used cryptocurrency . For now it do not have much value and is great for tipping and buy very cheap services.

So for fun I had get some of this currency and after that I had I search a place where I could spend this currency. I had found the Stuffcoins marketplace. Continue reading

No more “Flappy” on the mobile app Stores


Flappy Bird, that simple game that make everyone crazy including the Developer who delete it from all App Stores generated clones and clones with all names possible but one single constant “Flappy”.

This game clones start to include mallwers so Apple and Google decided to remove from the stores all games and apps that have the “Flappy” word in the name.

If you want to download tha last Flappy Bird game for Android click here.

Sony Xperia Sola – P.A.C. MAN ROM – JellyBean 4.2.2 – Install tutorial


Sony Xperia Sola tutorial to install the P.A.C MAN JB 4.2.2 ROM. Read full description!

PAC MAN for Sola – xda thread –…

1. Start phone in fastboot mode
2. Flash boot.img via fastboot
3. Boot your phone in Recovery mode
4. Wipe Data
5. Wipe Cache
6. Install P.A.C. MAN ROM (download available in xda thread)
7. Install the GApps (
8. Go to advance in the main menu and Wipe Dalvik
9. Reboot

Do you want a new Xbox One? Check the gesture and voice commands cheatsheet


Xbox One is on preorder outhere, you just have to get it, and from Black Friday that is coming in 3 days (from when I write this lines) this can be a good deal for you.

If you have one or you want one you realy need to learn the new Kinect voice commands and Kinect gesture, and the Major Nelson made online a PDF with this free Kinect commands cheat sheets .

xbox-one-kinect-gesture xbox-one-kinect-voice-commands

Check the prices for Xbox One on or for European readers on

HTC One S petition for upgrade support


If you are an owner of a HTC One s and you did not know HTC will not upgrade your handset to Android 4.2 or 4.3.

Dylan Richards from UK started a petition HTC: Give the One S Continued Support Like the One X! witch ask HTC to continue support for this model becouse there is prouf that HTC One s hardware is working ok with Android 4.3 using custom roms.

At tha date I write this lines petition had already 8,339 supporters and need just 1,661 .


Sign this petition !