iPhone 5 vs Samsung SG3 drop test


Older iPhone had failed this tests every time becouse glass and week case did not protect the phone. Now with iPhone 5 this is changed, the phone is more stronger and will not break as easy as the oldest versions.

Watch the drop test and the video comparation with its competitor samsung Galaxy S3.

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Samsung Galalxy S3 in all of his splendor


The moment arrived. The Samsung Galaxy S3 have arrived and it look great. And have some interesting features too.

  • It does have wireless charghing
  • It do not have a 12 MP camera but a 8 MP with 0 (zero) shutter lag witch is great
  • It has a 4.8 inch screen size but not very big compared with sgs2.

Watch the pictures bellow:

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Samsung Galaxy S3 for preorder on Amazon.de


Do you think it is a joke? Nooo, check the preview and … if you still think is a trick just click it

There is no picture, for the device. I think the picture will be availble imediatly after the 3 May presentation of the device.

But we know for sure that:

  • it have a 4,7 inch Super Amoled Touchscreen,
  • 12 Megapixel camere
  • the price is 599 EUR
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich of course
  • 16 GB and a slot card for another 32 GB SDCard

Order your device at this link:
Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone (11,9 cm (4,7 Zoll) Super-AMOLED-Touchscreen, 12 Megapixel Kamera, Android OS) schwarz

First leaked picture of Samsung Galaxy S3 before … 3 may


The source if this picture is Brazil, and it was first posted on Ghizmodo. We know about this device that have a 12 MegaPixel camera and his code is Samsung GT-I9300.

Could be this the Samsung Galaxy S3 or just a future device ?

I … dont think that this will be the next flagship of the Samsung … What you do you think?

Is this Samsung Galaxy S3 picture a fake?


UPDATE: YES it is, if you want to find how the real Samsung GS3 look click here

I did found on a Coreean website a leaked picture supposed to be the next generation Samsung Galaxy S3. The picture is a ad for S3, with the date 22 May 2012, London, United Kingdom

As you can see this picture is very different by the other leaked pictures, and in this one the shape of the phone is very futuristic.

One info it will came in 2 version Galaxy  S3 3G and Galaxy S3 LTE

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2012040504552351652

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumored to have a qaud core Exynos 5250 processor


Some roumors from an “Samsung official” tell that the new Galaxy S3 will have a Quad – Core processor. Ok that is not new, and it is a must. The same person sad that the new processor will be an Samsung Exynos 5250 witch will integrate and  Cortex A-15  processor at 2 Ghz. The same processor have integrate 4 graphics cores GPU ARM Mali T-604 MP4.

Sound Good?

Samsung galaxy S3 leaked pictures


The most anticipated smartphone of this period is Samsung galaxy S3 and until now nothing clear is knew. Some rumors about the new quad core processor. Some about the display, some about the inductive Charger witch will be the default charger.

With this rumors some pictures escaped, some are rendering, some look genuine some not.

First leaked picture I had found is this:

Look great but after some weeks a new picture come in attention:

This one is taken form a presumed marketing poster. And like this the Galaxy SIII should look like. You can see the screen is very close to the edges. Is this the real Galaxy?

Look at the date 22 may 2012. This date should be the Galaxy S3 release date. But now we know that the release is somewhere in the april.

The next picture is a fotocapture of the real device. Is this the real one?

This model is looking like the first one and not like the one from the poster. So is this the real Samsung Galaxy S3?

This post will be updated as soon as other pictures are leak.