First leaked picture of Samsung Galaxy S3 before … 3 may


The source if this picture is Brazil, and it was first posted on Ghizmodo. We know about this device that have a 12 MegaPixel camera and his code is Samsung GT-I9300.

Could be this the Samsung Galaxy S3 or just a future device ?

I … dont think that this will be the next flagship of the Samsung … What you do you think?

Is this Samsung Galaxy S3 picture a fake?


UPDATE: YES it is, if you want to find how the real Samsung GS3 look click here

I did found on a Coreean website a leaked picture supposed to be the next generation Samsung Galaxy S3. The picture is a ad for S3, with the date 22 May 2012, London, United Kingdom

As you can see this picture is very different by the other leaked pictures, and in this one the shape of the phone is very futuristic.

One info it will came in 2 version Galaxy  S3 3G and Galaxy S3 LTE


Samsung Galaxy S3 rumored to have a qaud core Exynos 5250 processor


Some roumors from an “Samsung official” tell that the new Galaxy S3 will have a Quad – Core processor. Ok that is not new, and it is a must. The same person sad that the new processor will be an Samsung Exynos 5250 witch will integrate and  Cortex A-15  processor at 2 Ghz. The same processor have integrate 4 graphics cores GPU ARM Mali T-604 MP4.

Sound Good?

Samsung galaxy S3 leaked pictures


The most anticipated smartphone of this period is Samsung galaxy S3 and until now nothing clear is knew. Some rumors about the new quad core processor. Some about the display, some about the inductive Charger witch will be the default charger.

With this rumors some pictures escaped, some are rendering, some look genuine some not.

First leaked picture I had found is this:

Look great but after some weeks a new picture come in attention:

This one is taken form a presumed marketing poster. And like this the Galaxy SIII should look like. You can see the screen is very close to the edges. Is this the real Galaxy?

Look at the date 22 may 2012. This date should be the Galaxy S3 release date. But now we know that the release is somewhere in the april.

The next picture is a fotocapture of the real device. Is this the real one?

This model is looking like the first one and not like the one from the poster. So is this the real Samsung Galaxy S3?

This post will be updated as soon as other pictures are leak.

Samsung Galaxy S3 revealed on 30.03.2012 ?


Engadget write in an article that UK retailer Phone4U and Samsung will reveal “something” on the 30 march.


We dont know and  Engadget do not know either. But becouse a picture on a Phone4U shop show the message: “Coming 30.03.12” and a Samsung logo is at the top we could presume that is a Samsung Galaxy S3 presentation. There is one more hint. The picture was taken at the same location where the retailer lounched the Galaxy Nexus.

Source: Engadget

Read  Samsung Galaxy S3 rumored to have a qaud core Exynos 5250 processor

GALAXY Note it is a tablet? a phone or a … hybrid?


To big to be a phone but … now phones are getting bigger and bigger. To small to ba a tablet but … there are alot of tablets with a displat of 5 inch. iPad is to big for having it in a poket and way to big to go outside and take some pictures (oh there is iPhone,  but … iPhone is to small “3.2 inch”).

Samsung Galaxy Note is a bit of everythink, it is a notebook (I didnt mean it is a Laptop) but a notebook where you can get your pen and write, stuff, and cut images from pictures already taken. It is a media hub (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) It is a photo camera with a screen bigger to see detailes in the ocasional pictures you do with it and is a bussiness tool.

Great to check notes, excel files or presentations in the aeroport where without to get a tablet or a laptop out from it is carring case.

Did you considered to buy one? Why?

You have one? What is not so great on this device?

Amazon price for Samsung Galaxy Note: 655$ for a unlocked one. Check here last price.

Samsung Galaxy S II – best phone of the 2011 on MWC 2012



“A phenomenal success around the world, this has outperformed all its Android rivals and demonstrated the maturity of the ecosystem.”

Galaxy S2 is equiped with a display Super AMOLED at 4.3 inch, a powerful 1.2 GHz processor and HPSA and Wi-Fi conectivity.

The phone is build for multimedia and social networks and provide access to  information, music and gaming, setting a new benchmark for smartphones and consumers everywhere.

Product Features and Technical Details

The Samsung Galaxy S II is an Android Smartphone with touchscreen
8MP Camera, Dual-core 1.2GHz, A-GPS support
Size (LWH): 4.93 inches, 2.6 inches, 0.33 inches
Weight: 4.16 ounces
Product Features
Minimum Rated Talk Time: 3 hours
Minimum Rated Standby Time: 250 hours