Don’t Touch the White Tile for Android


UntitledDon’t Touch the White Tile – is a fun and addictive game for Android phones. I did find this game yesterday and from the pictures it look simple and fun however I did not understand how exactly need to be played.

All changed after I installed the game and found the addictive part.

You have a screen divided in white and dark gray squares. What you have to do is to step just on gray squares. One row at a time. If you by mistake step on a white one you … lose. Continue reading

BioSys 3011 – End of World a new game for IOS/Android


From inside of the Finger Fun Studios Ltd game studio from Germany I did receive some info about a new game named “BioSys 3011 – End of World”.

Biosys 3011 - The End of WorldThe game will be available starting with 03.05.2014 on iPhone/iPad and Android and it will be free. I will update the links to the game when available. Until then you can check the next video with the gameplay and a little story.

If you want to find more from the game creators about it check the Twitter and the Facebook official pages.

Continue reading

Deadly Robots for Android short Review

Deadly Robots

Deadly Robots

How many of you remember Pacman (if you are to young for remember it you can check the game wiki page for info) ? Well I do not want to talk about Packman for Android but another game that borrow something from the old Pacman.

I found Deadly Robots in the Google Play and in the time I watching the game preview video I knew it have potential, it is a great game.

The Deadly Robots is placed in a 3D SCI-FI environment – in space.  There on a space station witch is the map where you will play robots rebelled against their creators and your mission is to destroy them until they reach to Earth and destroy all humanity. Continue reading

No more “Flappy” on the mobile app Stores


Flappy Bird, that simple game that make everyone crazy including the Developer who delete it from all App Stores generated clones and clones with all names possible but one single constant “Flappy”.

This game clones start to include mallwers so Apple and Google decided to remove from the stores all games and apps that have the “Flappy” word in the name.

If you want to download tha last Flappy Bird game for Android click here.

Balls for Android – a nice game for kids


Today browsing the Google Play for a new review I did stumble on this child game named “Balls“. So what is all about with this game.


You start with a empty screen, and when you tap the screen a ball is created, as long as you hold the screen the ball keeps growing. You need to make the ball as big as you can in order to fill more a half of the screen and win a level. To win a level you have a limited number of balls – or how the developer name them “life”.

This is easy, so what is the catch you probably ask. Well the game have some tricks that make it a litter harder to win on each new level. Continue reading

Twistor for Android a new kind of Minesweeper


Twistor Game for AndroidRemember the Minesweeper game? The game that all of as that use Windows powered PC computers have. Twister is a Minesweeper  “ON STEROIDS”.

What is Twistor?

It is a 3D Minesweeper. The game board is a cube (6 faces) and every face of the cube is made of a matrix of small cubes. Some of them have mines, some of them are empty. Continue reading

Live Puzzle! Forest Animals on Android


live-puzzle- forest-animalsLive Puzzle is a great game for your kids, it is a puzzle but not just the puzzle app you can get with
hundreads for your Android smartphone or tablet.

When you open a puzzle game you expect to find a picture cut in a numbers of puzzle like pieces. The Live Puzzle
is something new and have a very interesting concept, the main images is animated and cut in picces. The pieces are
random spread around the game area but every piece it keeps moving.

Your kid dont have to find the wright pattern for matching the pieces it have to be concentrated enough to match a
moving pattern. This app it develops the analyzing, concentration, problem solving and eye-hand coordination.
Ideal for preschool and kindergarten kids.

A image is like a thousant of words and to be very clear on how the game is working check the video from bellow:


  • It is a very interesting kids game
  • It is a new way to play a puzzle game a 2.0 way where you do not need just a static picture
  • It great for kids and adults too (if you like cartoons)
  • It is 100% ads free


  • if there is a minus is that the advanced levels are played great if you have a tablet with a HD resolution or else  your kid eyes can be hurt.

You can download this game for free from Google Play