Monster-fy your friends photos for this year Halloween


Monster-fy for AndroidHalloween is almost here and you should be prepare your phone with a Halloween app. With Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun you can change your friends or family photos on real monster photos.

Monster-fy let you take a picture or select one from your phone gallery. And from there your imagination and a big collections of elements that you can put on your photos is anything you need.

Check this:

First image is my picture. To start modify check the tools collections (next 2 images) where you have access to 8 packs from the Scarry 1 and 2, Goofy, Cute, Bloodsuckers pack, BoogeyMen Pack, Living Dead Pack to Radioactive Pack.

Screenshot_2014-10-16-20-14-41  Screenshot_2014-10-16-20-15-38  Screenshot_2014-10-16-19-57-02  Screenshot_2014-10-16-20-18-20

Finally the last image is the result of 5 minute work 🙂 . I had used the Scarry 1 and 2 to make from my initial picture into the last one.


Well … I am not that talented but maybe you are.

Back to the app. Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. What you should know is that Scarry 1 and 2, Goofy, Cute tools galleries are free however Bloodsuckers pack, BoogeyMen Pack, Living Dead Pack and Radioactive Pack can be purchased from an in app payment.

Happy Halloween and if you make a good picture post a comment with the link here.

Connect your Phone and use your Android Mobile apps on PC with Mobizen


mobizen-websiteThere are allot of apps that let you connect your Android phone/tablet to your computer and you can start control it from there.

Mobizen is one solution done proper witch let you continue using apps installed in your Phone directly on your PC. And because they do it on a browser interface you are free to use it on a classic PC, and Mac or a Linux distribution like Ubuntu.

They advertise it as a way to see all notifications from phone directly on PC screen, check files (it have a device file browser integrated) and do other stuff like take phone snapshots or even capture a video with actions you do it on your device.

The last of the features the screen recording it one I use most because I usually test mobile apps and have to record the flow of testing. Without Mobizen I have to use a rooted device or to connect it to ADB witch is not as strait forward for all of us.

More features: Continue reading

Brazil World Cup 2014 – Android app


Brazil-World-Cup-2014There is so little time for the Football World Cup which this year will be held in Brazil. So … if you like football you should be prepared. One simple way to stay informed with real time statistics is with the “Brazil World Cup 2014” App.

Brazil World Cup 2014 is a free Android app which lets you make predictions on the games and compete with your friends to see who will predict the correct score.

The app tagline is: “Can you predict the results for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, better than your friends?”

This app shows you all the games from the World Cup competition and lets you add your own prediction. If the final score is the score you predicted; you win points.

You can check how good your football predictions are by competing against your mates & globally against other users.

App features:


  • game schedule,
  • get up to date results from the World Cup 2014 games,
  • make predictions

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Hay Diet app for Android, your diet guide inside your smartphone


hay-diet-for-androidEating healthy and loosing weight (when you are above normal) should not be something “I have to eat all kind of foods I do not like or I do not have to eat at all”.

Hay Diet is not a new Idea, is around for some while it show that you “generally do not have to stop eating the foods you enjoy, instead change when it is you are eating them”.

Hay Diet for Android is the Android app that give your the Hay Diet knowledge in your pocket, and with it you have access to:

  • healthy food recipes,
  • Hay Diet e-plan,
  • Progress reporting,
  • help whit food combining,
  • personal updater
  • forum access

The app is free and can be downloaded from the next link:, however if you want to benefit to all Hay Diet resources like personal updater you have to consider to a monthly plan.

Read more about the Hay Diet on the home website Hay Diet food combining for healthy living and check the Facebook Page where you can find the latest news and diet hints.

Voice2Call for Android, will use your voice for searching contacts


Screenshot_2014-04-29-17-36-50Voice2Call is a simple to use app witch let you to search in your agenda for contacts to call using your voice. What is great to this app is that you do not have to be connected to the internet, no external server connections is used to process your voice.

However this option is for English. If you have selected another language and this is not available English is used. The app is not perfect, there are some words that will not understand and no search is done, but this is a small percent of what searches I had done. Continue reading

Photo Resizer HD


Usually you take photos with your phone at bigger resolutions, but when you want to sent them to someone else or add them on a internet page you need a lot smaller. For this you need to resize them.

Photo Resizer HD

Photo Resizer HD is one simple app that help you to do 5 simple changes to your android Phone/Tablet pictures:

  • resize
  • crop
  • flip Horizontal
  • flip vertical
  • rotate

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DARK DREAMS TIME MACHINE one of the most intriguing Android app


Probably most of us know that apps that help you fall asleep contain sounds with rain drops, thunders, rivers flowing. But … what if you like scary movies and maybe scary dreams?

dark-dream-android-pharaoh-tumbDARK DREAMS TIME MACHINE is like I did said in the title one of the most intriguing app for help you sleep and probably give you a “Dark dream”.

This app is more then a collection of sounds, it a virtual time machine. When you start it you “travel” in the past, some introduction is made about the year or event where you arrived and after that the sounds starts.

The most terrifying “virtual time travel” I experience it was in a pyramid thumb after a Pharaoh was berried. Terrifying sounds and foot steps with horror music, breath and air wipers made me a chilly sensation on the skin, and because of the silence of the night and dark from the room experience was more intense then when I first installed the app. Continue reading