5 portable multifunctional tools for day to day survival and outdoor


Another Articles with survival tools for every day / outdoor and … more


1. 11 in 1 Multi Function Tool Mini Pocket Card

11-in-one-multifunction-toolI have this 11 in one multifunction tool every day in my wallet, it is like a credit card in size and have alot of tools I use when I am away from home. It contains from a bottle opener to can openers, knife blade, and more.

Yes the most used function is the bottle opener and the second the knife edge for opening boxes but once in a while I had to use the wrench an outdoor repair of my bike.

  • Can Opener
  • Knife Edge, can cut rope or pare apple etc
  • Straight Screwdriver
  • Ruler, cm Marker, Division value is millimeter
  • Cap Opener, suitable for bear, drink etc
  • 4 Position wrench (for various size Nuts and Bolt head)
  • Butterfly screw wrench
  • Saw Blade
  • Direction ancillary indication
  • 2 position wrench
  • Lanyard hole (key chain hole)

Get your 11 in 1 Multi Function Tool Mini Pocket Card card from here for just 1.28 Euro or 1.38 US Dollars


2. 6 In 1 Utili-Key Mini Multitool Keyring

6-in-1-key-mini-multi-toolAnother interesting key tool is the 6 in 1 multi function key tool. This is shape like a key and you can attach it to your key ring. You can get it anywhere and have the support of 6 tools:


  • Flat Screwdriver
  • Micro Eyeglass screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Serrated Knife Blade
  • Straight Knife Blade

This tool is made from alloy steel


You can have one for as low as 2.75 Euro or 2.97 US Dollars. Get one from here.


3. Portable Multifunction Key Clip Tool

Portable-Multifunction-Key-Clip-ToolAnother tool witch can be attached to your key-rings with multi functions. With this you have a bottle opener, multiple screwdrivers and a belt / rope cutter

The tool sad it have a nail file, tweezers but I really do not know where are and how to use them. I do not have this tool for testing. Maybe when I get one I will make an update.

Until then you can check more images and get one

for as low as 1.90 Euro or 2.05 US Dollars from here.



4. Stainless Steel Folding Two-way Plane Iron & Opener for Outdoor

folding-peeler-cuter-openerTwo-way opener and peeler is a super tool for how like outdoor trips or who like to eat fruits outside.

With this tool you can open any bottle, or peel any fruits or vegetables who can be peeled with a normal peeler tool.

And all with a small gadget who can be attached on your keys or put in any bag.


Get this gadget from here.



5. Multifunction Portable Piranha Tool for Outdoor

piranha-repair-toolThis tool is indented for small repairs and is great for people who go outside with bikes. It have allot of tools embedded (check the list bellow)

2 Phillips & 3/16 in an open wrench/ 1/4 “Hex Bit screwdriver/ bottle opener/ blade/ metric wrench

It is made from Stainless steel and rubber

It is great for mountaineering, travel, cycling, family&car camping

Get your multifunction portable piranha from here

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