Data Status Android App – help you save your Data Plan


data-status-androidNot everyone have an unlimited data plan and using your phone in areas where you do not have access to any Wireless Hotspot force you to switch to your data plan. Unfortunately Phone Companies charge you if the limit is exceeded. And usually they charge you more than it really cost.

Here it come Data Status app for Android. Like the Mobile Data built in app from Android it track your mobile usage but it is not stop there. With Data Status you can set your billing period and if you in your notification area you will have an icon witch let you know your traffic stats like the battery icon witch let you know how much power you have in your phone.

Data Status give you real time access to:

  • Daily usage graph
  • Data period total graph
  • Data usage prediction

data_estimationI want you to talk a little about usage prediction because I did find this feature very interesting and useful to me. Based on the billing period Data Status app draw a little graph and know if in average you exceed the traffic for a specific day. This graph update every minute you use your traffic data plan. So if in the first part of the month you do not use internet that much but in the rest you use it more he know to adjust this graph.

So in conclusion this app know how to estimate if you will exceed your traffic plan if you continue the use in that manner long before you consume most of the traffic limit. And for this this app is worth having it.

The app is on Google Play and is free to download. However it will be free in the first month, after that you will have to purchase it for 1 US Dollar using In app purchase option. This fee is one time fee. You can find and download the Data Status for Android at by clicking the Google Play download Badge .

Get it on Google Play

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