ZIZ Run- Running Game for Android Review


UPDATE: as good as it was this game (I did said it was) Google removed this game from Google Play, and ask anyone who had publish something on Youtube to delete it because the developer “buy fake Android installs and downloads for ZIZ Run- Running Game application”

Ziz Run is like the title said a running game. Do not know what type it that? Probably you remember Temple Run . Now like Temple Run, ZIZ Run is running game where you start running and you have to get coins and other perks, you cannot stop and you have to stay away from the obstacles you get in the road.

ZIZ Run, running gameZiz Run start simple with a character but later you can buy with game points more characters with different images and you can buy perks to increase his run speed or to attract more coins (you do not need to get throw coins).

I did like that you do not have to swipe left or right to avoid obstacles. Ziz Run game use your device orientation sensor and you just have to tilt left or right the device to make him go left or right.

For the jump or get low is needed a swipe to top or swipe to bottom.

The game is really simple and fun and did I mention that is free?

The only think it need is a little tutorial at the first mission. I must say that I had to read again the game description from Google Play in order to find that i have to move the device in order to move the character left and right.

Enough with the talk. In the conclusion I did like the game but you should check the game-play video from bellow and try for yourself. If you like it or not this article comments wait for your input.

You can download this game from Google Play using the next url: goo.gl/FGTF5m (url not available anymore)

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