How to promote your own mobile app on your blog


screenshot-3Many independent developers make Android or iOS apps but they do not have a budget for promoting the new app, or the budget is very small. This is a problem because Google Play and Apps Store have so many apps that make very hard for a new entry to rank well.

Every developer have access to a blog or can make one. So one must step after a app release is to write a post there. The one post will help promoting but is just one page. If you have a blog with alot more articles and a good traffic it is a must to promote your new app on the sidebar or in the footer of any page.

This problem solve Mobile AppWidget Plugin for WordPress blog owners. You can set one or more apps in the Apps listing page with description, icon, price and links to Android, iOS or / and Windows Phone versions (one link is required, more links just if you have same app on all other OS)

Now for each widget create a campaign and place the widget in the sidebar you want. And that is is. The Widget also track views and clicks and limits cam be imposed like this X app need to show just 1000 times / day or have 100 clicks / day (this limits can be configured on campaign edit page)

Plugin is free and cam be downloaded from official page following the next url:

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