Brazil World Cup 2014 – Android app


Brazil-World-Cup-2014There is so little time for the Football World Cup which this year will be held in Brazil. So … if you like football you should be prepared. One simple way to stay informed with real time statistics is with the “Brazil World Cup 2014” App.

Brazil World Cup 2014 is a free Android app which lets you make predictions on the games and compete with your friends to see who will predict the correct score.

The app tagline is: “Can you predict the results for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, better than your friends?”

This app shows you all the games from the World Cup competition and lets you add your own prediction. If the final score is the score you predicted; you win points.

You can check how good your football predictions are by competing against your mates & globally against other users.

App features:


  • game schedule,
  • get up to date results from the World Cup 2014 games,
  • make predictions

The User Interface of this app is very simple and have on screen tutorials on each step. Graphics are very well implemented, using the competition(Brazil) colors.

As I said at the beginning the app is free and it can be downloaded from Google Play. However if you want to make your own league (a feature where you can invite your friends in order to compete with them on score guessing), you will have to buy an add on. The app is working ok without it but you will miss all the fun of competing with your friends.

The app have a Facebook page as well and can be found here

If you are like me and prefer Twitter you can also find latest info on the official app Twitter page

For more info check the gallery from bellow.

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