Don’t Touch the White Tile for Android


UntitledDon’t Touch the White Tile – is a fun and addictive game for Android phones. I did find this game yesterday and from the pictures it look simple and fun however I did not understand how exactly need to be played.

All changed after I installed the game and found the addictive part.

You have a screen divided in white and dark gray squares. What you have to do is to step just on gray squares. One row at a time. If you by mistake step on a white one you … lose.

The game is free, I did not find any ads and it look great. It is addictive and have 3 different modes:

  • Survival
  • Time
  • Distance


  •  free and without ads
  • work great on my smartphone and tablet
  • addictive
  • simple to play


  • it cannot be played on landscape mode, the game is forcing you to play it in portret .

Check more on the video about how to play it .

Download the game from Google Play using the next link:


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