Jetpack Panic for Android


Remember the Flappy Bird game and the “Flappy” clones that appeared after the game was removed? Well all clones was exactly the same, they have the Flappy keyword in the title and except the textures the game work the same way as the original.Jetpack panic for android

Looking for the old looking game (or 8-bit games)  I did stumbled on Jetpack Panic witch is as hard as the original Flappy Bird but more fun and with some changes maybe better.

Jetpack is about a character with have a jetpack and he have to fly up, however the path is full of obstacles that you have to pass using taps on the left and the right if your character. If you think that is just that simple be careful that the gravity is pulling on the left or on the right depend of the level.

Game will reward you with points for every obstacle you pass and you can unlock the more then one characters from robots to the teddy bears. (However I did not achieved more then 5 points until now)

The graphics is mimic the 8bit games graphics but on a Full HD tablet it look great, no ugly colors, and in the background you can see a great space related theme.

Jetpack Panic is a social game also, you can share your score on the Google Plus and try to compete with your Google Plus friends.

This game have ads embedded however this happen for all free games and I will give a 5 star rating because ads are not intrusive, you can see them in the menu but when you play the game no ads will bother you and this is how a free or any game should be.


  • great 8-bit graphic
  • free download
  • very addictive


  • addictive (did I mentioned this at the pro section?) and probably you will hate your phone or tablet when you realize that you spend more hours with this game than having fun outside.

The game can be downloaded like I said for FREE from Google Play.

And if this article did not convince you to download it please check the video and the pictures attached at this article.

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