Sell or Buy things or online services with DOGECOIN


Stuffcoin - a DOGECOIN marketplaceWell DOGECOIN is not Bitcoin, is started as a joke but it became the third most used cryptocurrency . For now it do not have much value and is great for tipping and buy very cheap services.

So for fun I had get some of this currency and after that I had I search a place where I could spend this currency. I had found the Stuffcoins marketplace.

Stuffcoins is a marketplace where you can sell old stuff or new one. But you can buy also from people like you. All transactions are made using DOGECOIN for now and in the future BITCOIN will be added as well.

In order to see how this work I put a listing there too. 10 days 1 x 125×125 Banner on my blog (this blog). For the  the price of 300 DOGECOIN.  (this offer is limited)

So how cheap is 300 DOGECOINs ? well at the day I had write this 1000 DOGECOIN was 0.78 US dollars .

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