Appy Pie or how make your Android app without to know any programming


Appy Pie - platform for building free android appsSo far I had reviewed a lot of free Android apps and today I want to share with you something very cool, a website where you can make your app for Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile as simple as a PIE.

If you think that you require coding knowledge or thinks like that you are mistaken. Appy Pie let you build your app starting with a Free Plan (other more complex payed plans also exists) using already built and tested tools, just drag all features you require and publish your app.

Appy Pie offer features like:

  • make your app using drag and drop features (no coding)
  • integrate social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Push Notifications
  • GPS
  • You can even integrate your blog into this app
  • or … a shopping cart
  • Contacts
  • Online Radio
  • Analytics
  • and of course Monetisations

Well if you are a website  or business owner or just a simple man that need a mobile app, you do not have to pay thousands of dollars for a Mobile app, just go to Appy Pie.

Now probably you ask yourself why to chose Appy Pie? Well Mashable has ranked Appy Pie as one of the best android app builder and place it in the top 5 of Platforms for Building Mobile Apps. You can read the Mashable original article here.

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