Balls for Android – a nice game for kids


Today browsing the Google Play for a new review I did stumble on this child game named “Balls“. So what is all about with this game.


You start with a empty screen, and when you tap the screen a ball is created, as long as you hold the screen the ball keeps growing. You need to make the ball as big as you can in order to fill more a half of the screen and win a level. To win a level you have a limited number of balls – or how the developer name them “life”.

This is easy, so what is the catch you probably ask. Well the game have some tricks that make it a litter harder to win on each new level.

Flying on the screen are one or more “ninja stars“, if a ninja star will touch a ball when you inflate it the ball blow (remember you have a limited nr of balls). After you stop inflate it the ninja star cannot break the ball anymore. If you think that is easy check the video.

The game have a score table – this make it great to track your kid score or to let kids make a small contest.

This game is designed for kids so the user interface is easy and have a great design, the game have pastel colors that do not make your eyes hurt. The game is great for very young age and to be honest I did played for a half of hour after I found it (I have 31)

Give it a try and if you like it probably your kid will like more. It is free and no ads found so far (one big star for that)

Get it on Google Play

balls-for-android-tree balls-for-android-two

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