Bet Time for Android- A new way to watch sports games


Screenshot_2013-11-19-08-48-59First time that iv’e seen the title Bet Time my mind think about a gambling app. (you know, bet some money on a game, you win or you lose) but … no.

I am glad that I read more and found that is no money involved and it is a new way to watch a football game and “bet” with other app users on that match on different things like what is the final score or what is the score on the break.

When you enter in the app you can select the game you want to play, you go in a private table with your friends or you can just select a public table.

For every correct answer you can win points or you can lose points if your answer is not correct. You can even bet to double your points .

I had found that is a little chat where you can talk with other users or your friends, so you can watch alone and be with your friends in the same time.

This is it, I just wait to start a new season of  Premier league.

One more thing, the app cover all major football leagues like  Premier league, La liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, etc.

So watch a game, interact with your friends or new people, bet on points and have some fun.

You can find this app on Google Play for free. Check the Youtube video of this app.

Get it on Google Play

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