Twistor for Android a new kind of Minesweeper


Twistor Game for AndroidRemember the Minesweeper game? The game that all of as that use Windows powered PC computers have. Twister is a Minesweeper  “ON STEROIDS”.

What is Twistor?

It is a 3D Minesweeper. The game board is a cube (6 faces) and every face of the cube is made of a matrix of small cubes. Some of them have mines, some of them are empty.

Using the same logic of the original Minesweeper game you can find the mines and you can mark the cubes that you think that contain mines. The 3D map can be dragged and rotate on any angle (check the image from the beginning of the article).

But why Twistor?

This it where the fun begin. After the level 1 the cube rotate and “twist” and rearrange his mines and this make the game more challenging.

First time I had played the game it drain my battery a little fast but after I checked the settings I had find a setting that fix this issue.


  • multi level game
  • Brain stimulating
  • User friendly interface


  • Addictive and fun 🙂

The game is free and no ads seen so far, it work on android 2.3.3 and newer and can be downloaded from Google Play

Get it on Google Play

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