Mobile GA for Android


Mobile GA for AndroidWith the latest Google Update (Penguin 2.1) and the speed of the algorithm update in the last 2 years website metrics is one important think you should check every day.

In the search of a mobile app for connecting Google Analytics account I had find the “Mobile GA for Android“.  With this app you can find custom reports already preset like :

  • Date range comparison
  • Graphs and charts for each report
  • Custom date ranges
  • Favorites
  • Geo-location reports
  • Regex-enabled searches

There are some reports that apps that look ok steal username and password of the user but because Mobile GA for Android use Google Analytics API data transmission is sent securely. All username password go directly on Google and app do not have access to the user account.

This app help is not stopping at the actual android application the home website have articles and other tools you can use for your website/blog stats.

Have I mentioned that this app is free?

You can find this app for free on Google Play:

Get it on Google Play

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