Graphing Calculator by Mathlab, the best tool for solving equations


Graphic Calculator from Mathlab - AndroidSeveral years ago when I was still a student function plotting was … a little complicated to be done fast and all by pen and paper. Graphing calculators like the ones from Texas Instruments that could easily solve this where expensive.

Now the problem is more simple, you just need an Android powered smartphone or a tablet and an application like Graphing Calculator by Mathlab , which is free.

Graphing Calculator by Mathlab  features 4 work modes:

  1.  ” Calc “
  2. ” Graph “
  3. ” Table”
  4. ” Library”

Calc is the most useful part of the application, it helps you solve simple calculations , fractions to trigonometric functions and logarithms and roots.

Calc can also solves linear equations , polynomial expansion and factoring, equations and matrices and vectors. If you had to deal with matrices larger than 3×3 probably know how much time can be lost for relatively simple numbers.

Graph mode is the graphic representation of functions , and the best part of the graph is that you can save the graphic as the image even in the free version of the app.

Table mode is the values of the function in the different point of the graph. It is very useful in conjunction with the graph image in a presentation or a paper.

Library it the place where you define your own constants.

Think that you do some calculus where gravitational acceleration is Involved . The “g” (gravitational acceleration) is a constant EQUAL with 9.98 and if you difine it in the library as g = 9.98 you do not need to add it in the equational as the numerical value you can simply use “g”

This app is coming in two versions:

  • The free version which I had tested and reviewd above and the
  • PRO version (paid).

Free Version Limitations:
– Has ads but are not intrusive
– Needs internet connection in order to work

Pro version works offline and does not have ads.

In the Free and Pro versions, it is very easy to input complex equations, the embedded keyboard that is very easy to use
Graph has zoom feature and drag, you can save the equation as the image (graph) or as a text for later input.

Because this app is not a game and is very complex there is an online manual that you can check for free at the official website page

You can download the app from Google Play:

Free version: 

Get it on Google Play

and the PRO version:

Get it on Google Play

You can also download this app from Amazon Store and Barnes and Noble Store.

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