VoIP with Vox Mobile for Android


There are alot of VoIP apps but some of them are easy to use, work great (sound is more then clear) and have very cheap plans for international calls.


One of this app is Vox Mobile for Android. Vox offer 2 type of services:

  • one is pay as you call – no monthly plan, call anyone just when you need it
  • monthly plan – free voice mail and a real telephone number

Another great feature is free video and voice calls in the Vox network and 60 minutes free International calls.

In the time I write this article Vox Mobile was already downloaded by more then 100 000 times just in Google Play and from 5 start have a score of 4.4 given by a total of 950 happy users. As a app developer myself  I know that with 950 good reviews you hit the top.

Looking on the countries featured for the best plans availble: INDIA, MEXICO, BRAZIL, PAKISTAN, VIETNAM and the UNITED KINGDOM, I see that this is a great app for companies witch outsource some of the jobs to countries from India, Mexico but want to call olso partners from UK.


  • cheap plans not only for featured countries but for most of them (cheaper then Skype)
  • easy to use, phone call recording,
  • free calls in Vox network


  • so far Windows and IOS version is not availble

Apps is availble for download for free (starting with Android 2.0 ) on Google Play

Android app on Google Play

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