Turn your smartphone into a whiteboard with MultiSketch for Android



One app I did not think to be posibile just with an Android Smartphone.

What is MultiSketch?

MultiSketch is an Android free app you can download it from Google Play and witch is let you draw something on the smartphone display. Nothing extraordinary so far.

However if you look at the first screenshot you will see a URL. If you point your browser at that URL you will see the screen of your phone and you can see in real time what you draw or write .

So what is so interesting on this app?

It happend very often that I am in a meeting and I want to make some demonstrations. But the whiteboard is full and have informations on it that I can not remove.

Using the MultiSketch I just make the demo on my phone or tablet everyone in the room can see it on the near screen or on the personal smartphones.


Download the app from Google Play:

Android app on Google Play

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