DARK DREAMS TIME MACHINE one of the most intriguing Android app

Probably most of us know that apps that help you fall asleep contain sounds with rain drops, thunders, rivers flowing. But … what if you like scary movies and maybe scary dreams?

dark-dream-android-pharaoh-tumbDARK DREAMS TIME MACHINE is like I did said in the title one of the most intriguing app for help you sleep and probably give you a “Dark dream”.

This app is more then a collection of sounds, it a virtual time machine. When you start it you “travel” in the past, some introduction is made about the year or event where you arrived and after that the sounds starts.

The most terrifying “virtual time travel” I experience it was in a pyramid thumb after a Pharaoh was berried. Terrifying sounds and foot steps with horror music, breath and air wipers made me a chilly sensation on the skin, and because of the silence of the night and dark from the room experience was more intense then when I first installed the app. Continue reading

Jetpack Panic for Android

Remember the Flappy Bird game and the “Flappy” clones that appeared after the game was removed? Well all clones was exactly the same, they have the Flappy keyword in the title and except the textures the game work the same way as the original.Jetpack panic for android

Looking for the old looking game (or 8-bit games)  I did stumbled on Jetpack Panic witch is as hard as the original Flappy Bird but more fun and with some changes maybe better.

Jetpack is about a character with have a jetpack and he have to fly up, however the path is full of obstacles that you have to pass using taps on the left and the right if your character. If you think that is just that simple be careful that the gravity is pulling on the left or on the right depend of the level.

Game will reward you with points for every obstacle you pass and you can unlock the more then one characters from robots to the teddy bears. (However I did not achieved more then 5 points until now) Continue reading

Deadly Robots for Android short Review

Deadly Robots

Deadly Robots

How many of you remember Pacman (if you are to young for remember it you can check the game wiki page for info) ? Well I do not want to talk about Packman for Android but another game that borrow something from the old Pacman.

I found Deadly Robots in the Google Play and in the time I watching the game preview video I knew it have potential, it is a great game.

The Deadly Robots is placed in a 3D SCI-FI environment – in space.  There on a space station witch is the map where you will play robots rebelled against their creators and your mission is to destroy them until they reach to Earth and destroy all humanity. Continue reading

CarLock for Android or how to know from your phone when your car is stolen

carlock-render-4Back 7 years ago when I was just starting on my first job I had the chance to work as a software developer for a company witch build the hardware and software for a product witch monitor a fleet of trucks with the help of GPS and the GSM networks. At that time the device needed for that was the size of a laptop, need a truck service to be installed and I can tell you that was not cheap.

This morning I had stumbled on an Android app named CarLock witch with a help of a small device do almost the same as what the system I was talking above did.

It track the position of a car, and you can see it in real time on a map from your phone or tablet, you can get notification if the car is moved from the location where you left it and you are notified if the system lost GPS or GSM signal or the device is removed from the car (it is a strong chance that someone steals your car and try to remove any traces).


If you ask yourself at this point how  a simple phone app do that, remember what I said at first. You need a device that is connected at the car computer. This device can be purchased from the CarLock home site carlock.co for the price of  99 Euro and you get bonus one month subscription in that money. Continue reading

Sell or Buy things or online services with DOGECOIN

Stuffcoin - a DOGECOIN marketplaceWell DOGECOIN is not Bitcoin, is started as a joke but it became the third most used cryptocurrency . For now it do not have much value and is great for tipping and buy very cheap services.

So for fun I had get some of this currency and after that I had I search a place where I could spend this currency. I had found the Stuffcoins marketplace. Continue reading

No more “Flappy” on the mobile app Stores

Flappy Bird, that simple game that make everyone crazy including the Developer who delete it from all App Stores generated clones and clones with all names possible but one single constant “Flappy”.

This game clones start to include mallwers so Apple and Google decided to remove from the stores all games and apps that have the “Flappy” word in the name.

If you want to download tha last Flappy Bird game for Android click here.

Appy Pie or how make your Android app without to know any programming

Appy Pie - platform for building free android appsSo far I had reviewed a lot of free Android apps and today I want to share with you something very cool, a website where you can make your app for Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile as simple as a PIE.

If you think that you require coding knowledge or thinks like that you are mistaken. Appy Pie let you build your app starting with a Free Plan (other more complex payed plans also exists) using already built and tested tools, just drag all features you require and publish your app.

Appy Pie offer features like: Continue reading

Sketch & Draw on your phone with InspirARTion

InspirARTion - Sketch & DrawI am not an artist and drawing or any graphic related task it force me to work with other more talented people. This way I had found the  InspirARTion - Sketch & Draw for Android. Until now I was thinking that working on a graphic sketch require a powerful computer and some graphic tablets but this gui I work with have a Nexus 7 tablet with android and the app I mentioned above the InspirARTion. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Sola – P.A.C. MAN ROM – JellyBean 4.2.2 – Install tutorial

Sony Xperia Sola tutorial to install the P.A.C MAN JB 4.2.2 ROM. Read full description!

PAC MAN for Sola – xda thread – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showt…

1. Start phone in fastboot mode
2. Flash boot.img via fastboot
3. Boot your phone in Recovery mode
4. Wipe Data
5. Wipe Cache
6. Install P.A.C. MAN ROM (download available in xda thread)
7. Install the GApps (gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip)
8. Go to advance in the main menu and Wipe Dalvik
9. Reboot